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Today, I decided to let go out of my previous dA account. I was ready to. I've had that thing since about 3 years, and I felt the need to let it go and start a new. Now, normally, I don't do this. I try to hang on tightly to something important to me, but like I said, 3 long years. I even stopped using it at some point and I came back, but I didn't do much with it either. It had a lot of mistakes on it that I wish I didn't make, and that also contributed to this decision.

I made many good friends that I love with all my heart on that account, but I'm not sure if our paths will ever cross again once I establish this account for good. However, I do not regret it. I made this decision with that knowledge, and I'm not afraid to continue on knowing that. I want to thank them, though. They read my horrible writing, helped me through rough times, and I will not ever forget them.

They've helped me grow in ways I cannot explain. I love them all. My writing has improved, and my maturity has as well. I am no longer that 11-year-old writing Mary-Sues. I am continuously improving and I will never stop. They taught me that, and without them, I never would have known that.

So an incredible thank you to those people. I love you all. So I went from my previous dA to this one.

To my future followers, I would like to thank you for taking the time for reading my crappy work and I look forward to talking to you all. You may call me Wao as I am not entirely comfortable with revealing my true name. I will write, review stories upon your request, and even review some cartoons/TV shows to my liking.

Some I'm barely starting (i.e Doctor Who and Sherlock) and some I'm taking a break from (i.e Supernatural), so please, bare with me as I'm trying to find time to watch these shows and keep up. Luckily, on my tumblr, I follow many fans of these three shows so I will possibly be spoiled but whatever. It's what I got when I followed them.

Well, this is all I would like to say, so if you read this, thank you for taking the time to do so. I hope you have a nice day or night wherever you live. See you in my next journal.

- Wao


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Hi. Call me Wao. I write stories - I mean, why else would I be here? - and I have a tumblr. I'm lazy and diagnosed with ADHD, so my updating schedule is very warped. I have a fictionpress and…
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